Where Sustainability & Comfort Come First.

Sustainability and comfort are core values of Cosy Creative. We only use 100% sustainably famed cotton for our apparel, compostable or recyclable packaging and 100% Carbon neutral shipping. Keeping your shopping, guilt-free.

We strive to minimise the impact on the environment through teaming up with some of the most sustainable businesses in Australia. Find out more below.

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When will there be new designs?

I am always working on the next collection. Keep your eyes peeled for teasers over on my instagram @cosy.creative

Where did [design name] apparel go?

I keep my designs fresh and ever-changing, which means some designs may leave the store before others. Keep a look out for new designs and I hope something catches your eye!

Why is shipping more expensive than I'm use to?

All of the apparel is shipped from Australia. Currently we are experiencing long delays and high prices which we are unsure when will return to normal. Try and buy multiple items at once to save on shipping costs!

I can't see my size?

If your size falls outside the current size offering, head to the Find My Size page and see the current sizes available for custom order. Then, get in contact for more information!

I have a question about my order, who can I contact?

Fill out the form on the contact us page! Alternatively, email us direct at info@cosycreative.store